About Lisa

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my website. You’ve landed on my ‘about’ page so I guess you’ll be wanting to know some things about me! Well, I’m a stripe sporting, mocha drinking, globe trotting, purveyor of unique and stylish paper goods. I have a big place in my heart for Paris and am rather partial to an espresso martini, coral nail polish, sushi and good old fashioned paper post. I’m a self-confessed jewellery junkie (unfortunately not the £££’s kind – although gifts always welcome) and am a little bit (a lot) fanatical about instagramming my cats!

After growing up with a fascination with how things are packaged I started my design path with a degree in Packaging Design. This was followed by a ten year career working as a designer (and then Design Manager) for national design agencies on global brand accounts.

Good design matters, which is why it’s integral to everything I do. I love creating anticipation through a thoughtfully-designed wedding invitation or improving perceptions of a company by creating a stylish and creditable brand. Details and finishing touches are extremely important to me too and that’s why all my work is done with the utmost attention to detail and heaps of love and care.